Web Traffic vs Link Clicks

Short info:

Use Web Traffic app to improve the SEO of your own (or your customers) website.
Use Link Clicks app to send visits and clicks to any website including: shorteners, paid links and CPC websites.

More details:

To make your reading easier let us shorten their name like below:

Although they have a similar design but there's a big difference between them.

All of the following features available in WT but are not in LC:

- Bounce rate control, organic traffic, SEO campaigns, referrals.

WT designed to improve your own (or your customers) website SEO, in other words: it can be used for personal websites. Read this article for more information: how to improve website SEO.

LC designed to be used by those who are already working on the Money Online industry, like shortener or crypto links. Read this article for more information: how to make money online.

Also, LC has an extra feature that isn't available in WT which's "Click By Attribute". This feature allows you to send clicks to specific links by its attribute like: XPath, CSS, Text, Link ...etc.

BR is an add-on, it works only with WT to adjust your website BR to the optimal range. Why the good BR improves your SEO? Because Search Engines could ignore a website if its BR out of the optimal range (26 - 40).

Also, BR add-on is required to activate the Random click feature in WT, if BR isn't installed on WT so you can't use the random click feature.