Real Human Behavior

The traffic looks like a Real Human Behavior for two major reasons:

    Our software using real browser engines: [Google Chrome Selenium WebDriver ]
    A huge variety of User Agent options

10,000+ User Agents Included

What is: User Agent? It's a method that lets your software analytics (like Google Analytics, Matomo or any other software) identify the visit source and attributes like: Browser, Operating System, Device, Version and more.

InMillion App allows you to customize visits with a huge variety of UA options, for example: inform the destination analytics software that the visit is coming from:

Opera browser version 63.3 on a Samsung mobile model S20, running on Android version10.
Also you can set other options with this UA, for example:

Visit duration is 20 s, referred from Facebook by a user living in Italy.


How Many Clicks Can I Generate?

As much as you like, according to our experience in the past year, you can reach up to 2M visits a month from each PC. However it's depending on the visits duration you set.

Shortener, Cryptocurrency & Price BOT Links

Any paid shortener URL, any paid cryptocurrency or price bot link is supported. No exception.


Our support team is ready to assist you with any issue.
You can always Submit A Ticket and we'll respond within one business day.

Unique fingerprint for each visit

As we talked about user agent and devices, there are also a lot of options you can control with:

 Proxy Module.

 Random visit duration.

 Random device ordering.

Which means: No matter how many visits you'll send (100, 1000, 1M) each one of them could be a unique visit.


Explore unlimited possibilities


You can add unlimited proxies to your job with an ability to check it before sending.
Each proxy will be attached to one link, which means that each visit will be a unique one!


This software sending accurate information to any analytics software exactly as you've set in the settings for each visit: GEO location, browser, device and software


We are always updating our apps to be more efficient, stable and secure!
Updates are always for free.


You can add up to 1000 URLs in a single job and customize quantity for each one. Also you can fetch any website links with a single click!


This software using Real Browser engines: [Selenium WebDriver] on [Chrome Browser] by Google
Engines will be always updated and guaranteed by Google security methods!

Chrome Is Required

This software requires Google Chrome to be installed on your system.
Otherwise it won't work correctly.