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It's time to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Use InMillion Link Clicks Generator (ILC) to send Unlimited Clicks to any Link in a Single Click, with an ability to customize clicks with a huge variety of options like: Browser, Operating System, Device, Version, GEO Location and so many more.

Let's simplify this in a few words:

If you have a Paid Link, the link that a website will credit you for each click, and you want people to click on it to let you get paid.
In this case you have to work hardly to get clicks, or simply: think out of the box.

Work Smarter:

Add links, Set quantity (up to 1 Million) and click Start Job. It's literally this easy


And because we're using real browser engines, proxy module and a huge variety of user agents, each Click will be delivered with a unique fingerprint. Fingerprint means: unique user for each visit.
In other words: the destination website will read your visits as something like that:

Click from a user living in Australia, using Opera browser version 63.3 on a Samsung mobile model S20, running on Android version 11.

Click from a user living in the USA, using Chrome browser version 96.0.4664 on a desktop PC, running on Windows version 10.

... From Italy, Edge browser on iPhone... And count... as much as you can

   However, the total number of unique visits will be: the total of user agents 10,048 multiplied by the total proxies you have, for example: if you have 1000 connected proxies, application will generate 10,048,000 unique visits.




Send up to one million visit in a single job.

Control events: Auto Scroll and Random Clicks.

Auto Random Clicks


or Customize Clicks as much as you need


See how the events work

Add up to 1000 URL for each job.

Send visits to many URLs at the same time.

Ability to control quantity for each URL.

Set the visit duration with fixed or random values


Auto Setting priority for devices: Computer, Mobile, Other Devices (Screens, Car, Server, Game Console) and more.

Control visit quality (Wait page to load with timeout setting)

GEO Location, each visit will be sent from a different IP.

Ability to add unlimited IP/Proxy.

Checking proxies before sending with timeout setting:

    Auto deactivate expired proxies

    Ability to export clean ones to a text file.


10,000+ user agents included, which means:

    Control Browser type (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Yandex and 50+ more)


    Control attribute: Device type & model, Software, Versions, OS and more.

Ability to set a quantity for each user agent.


Detailed report upon sending time.


100% friendly, safe and counted with Analytics Website. Read more

real behavior

Using Google Selenium power security.

Auto detect and change engine driver according to your chrome version

real behavior

Frequently free updates with a single click:
You can update your software directly from within it, you do not need to download a new package and install it.
Just click Update button and you'll see a confirmation message to update if there is a new release available.

Contact support from the software.


Any additional feature could be added

If you are a freelancer and you recommend another feature to be included please contact us with your suggestion and we'll add it to the software in the next releases if it's helpful

What are the benefits of this industry?

As we said: We guarantee our software will work with any website or link, on any PC, there's no exception. You can use it either to send clicks (or visits) to paid links or to your own website.

To start getting a passive income from link clicks you have to be already working in this industry, for this reason we don't have specific website to tell you about, but in short:

There's a lot of websites that paid to users each time someone clicks on a link, or the cryptocurrency exchange websites and also the affiliate websites.

In fact we don't know much about this industry because it isn't our job 😳

If you're already working in this area, you can instantly double your results, Download for free , instantly activation, no registration required.

If not, we have collected some information from our users of how it works, and here are the best search results of how you can start learning:

Google Get paid - Make money online - Get money from clicks - Crypto exchange websites


  • RAM Minimum 4Gb
  • CPU Minimum Intel core i3 6th gen/AMD A4/Ryzen 3 - clock speed 2.10 GHz
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11
  • Google Chrome installed on your system (any version)
  • MS .Net Backed with the installation package:
    .Net framework 4.7.2
    .Net desktop runtime 5
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