Fast Web Traffic Bot for Traffic Sellers

Send unlimited fast web traffic to unlimited websites


It's an Add-on for Web Traffic Generator , not a standalone software.

Since it's a part of Web Traffic App, you can use this fast web traffic bot with all the built-in options:

10 interface languages


Full control options:


Full proxy options:


Control Browser type, Device type & model, Software, Versions, OS and more:


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What is the added value of this add-on?

Our software "Web Traffic Generator" focuses in the first place on Traffic Quality, not quantity. Quantity is a main factor of SEO but what makes the difference is the visit quality.

This add-on gives your application the ability to send also large quantities. In this case, you're able to send quality-visits and/or fast-visit.
A normal computer can send in average:

High Quality Traffic (built-in options): 5,000 visitors per day, keeps ~30 Realtime visitors

Fast Traffic (this add-on): 25,000 visitors per day, keeps ~300 Realtime visitors

Note: values mentioned above very much depend on the page size, your PC specs, connection speed. Some computers can send 75k per day but others can send 10k only. Technically, there's no specific rule or value because it depends on many factors. Read this article for more information

With these values: 500K, 1M or 2M visitors per month, I think this add-on is very helpful for traffic sellers who send millions of visitors to their customers each month.
You can Try it for Free for 7 days.

One of the most helpful options in this add-on is Mix Traffic .It gives you a full control to choose the best for each single job. It allows you to send Quality Traffic only, Fast Traffic only or both at the same time, example:
Quantity = 10,000 with Mix: 70%: will send 7,000 Quality-Visits and 3,000 Fast-Visits

Free to try for 7 days, no registration or credit card required. Instant download and activation



RAM Minimum 8Gb

CPU Minimum Intel core i3 7th gen/AMD A5/Ryzen 5 - clock speed 2.10 GHz

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