We can guarantee all visits are safe and counted

What's the Real Human Behavior?

Our software behaves exactly the Real Human Behavior because we're using real browser engines, [Google Chrome Selenium WebDriver]

For this reason, We guarantee that you'll see the traffic in your Google Analytics or any other platform,

For any website on any PC.

Real visits vs Hits

This application sending Visits to your website, Not Hits. There's a big difference between these two concepts.

Hit: is just a "Hello" word that sent to your website without doing anything else, technically it's a Request sent by a software with a tiny duration (usually is 200ms) without using any browser or web driver.

Visit: is a totally different process, it executes the following steps:

Open a real browser (e.g. Chrome).

Load your page and wait for full load page.

Execute events: Scroll and Clicks.

Stay on your website for a specific time.

It even has more patience than some real people

How you can ensure that?

Try a simple campaign with only one valid URL (e.g. your website), to do this:

Type your website URL.

Click on Send Now button. It's that easy.

quick start

Visits will be counted immediately in Google Analytics.

On the other hand, we assume that Google Analytics is installed correctly on your website and you have a good internet connection.

Note: we have mentioned Google Analytics as just an example. Our software working with any other platform.

Popular reasons for undelivered visits and/or bad traffic:

- Using bad / free proxies

- Using HTTPS protocol with a website which has no SSL certificate.

- A plugin on a WordPress website that stops reading JavaScript or reading from cached data.

Please note: our software can connect to unlimited proxies, but of course we can't guarantee traffic with any free proxy list because we don't know anything about the proxies you have downloaded.

Any free proxy list could be slow or even disconnected if you have got it from a public network because it's open to public use, thousands of people around the world using it at the same moment with you. Read more about Free Proxy

In conclusion:

If you've sent 1000 visits without proxy (or with a trusted proxy list), we guarantee that you'll see 1000 visits (or at least 950 visits) on your Google Analytics or any other analytics software.


This software doesn't support PPC (Pay Per Click) or any type of earning money online.

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