Terms and Conditions

Our mission is to help digital marketers, website owners and freelancers to improve SEO, enhance pages' rank, save time, efforts and money

Since you are using our website and/or software, you're agreeing to the following terms:

License Validity:

The word of "PC" in here could mean: Desktop, Laptop, RDP, VM or any Windows-based machine.

Your license is valid to be used on one PC only.

Sending many activation requests from many machines could block your license by our server. However, we will reactivate it within 48 hours after receiving your notice and remove it from other machines.

You can move your license to any new PC at any time

PPC Websites / illegal Earning:

It is not allowed to use our software to send traffic or clicks to any PPC website (Pay Per Click). We do not support sending fake clicks to any PPC website, and we will never improve it to do that.

Remember: Our mission is to save your time, efforts and money, not to help users to earn illegal money. However, our software already denies you from sending traffic to any known PPC website. We do not know about all PPC websites but we update the list frequently on our server.

Web Services:

Our software are maintained by and use one or more websites to serve its functionality and checking your license frequently.


You will not reverse engineer, decompile, or otherwise attempt to derive the source code, techniques, processes, algorithms, know-how or other information from the executable code portions.

You will not try to abuse, hack or block any domain or link belongs to our [Web Services] sites.

Any report of abuse will be received by our software will cause to block your entire machine on our server.

Changes in Agreement:

Any change deemed necessary in this agreement will be made at any time during the life of this agreement, and you will be notified once this happens.