Advantages of Traffic

Why Web Traffic Generator

Sending visits to your website (whether are real or through a trusted BOT) helps you to improve your website global ranking.
If you check your domain name on any SEO or Analytics platforms like: Google & Bing webmaster, Alexa, SEMRush or Ahrefs, you will see many Site Metrics like:
Daily Pageviews per Visitor, Avg. Visit Duration, Daily Time on Site, Bounce Rate and so on

If your website is new or not active, you will see that your website ranking is too low or not ranked at all.
That's exactly the job of our software: Keeping your website active & alive, Boosting your SEO steps to improve your website rank day by day.

Now: what is the advantage of a good global ranking:

In Short:

It makes it useful for aiding your SEO and marketing efforts.

Millions of bloggers and writers would naturally want to advertise on websites with a good ranking.

Give you a great chance in Search Engines Speiders to crawl your website. Read this article on Cloudflare if you're interested

If you are interested to know more about advantages of Alexa good rank, this link on Quora could be helpful for you or Google it.

Like a Real Human Behavior

Like any BOT traffic software, Visits are not real but the traffic looks like a Real Human Behavior for two major reasons:
  Our software using real browser engines: [Google Chrome Selenium WebDriver]
  A huge variety of User Agent options, click here to know more.

  Thus: We guarantee that you will see all the traffic in your Google Analytics or any other alternative platform.

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Please note

Using real visitor is more better than BOT visitor if your goal is to get clicks for sales or sign-up, BUT this mission requires a lot of efforts and money.
If you are a digital marketer you probably know that.