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InMillion Web Traffic Generator

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InMillion Web Traffic Generator is a Windows software that allows you to send millions of visits to your websites in a single click, with an ability to customize visits with a huge variety of options like: Browser, Operating System, Device, Version, GEO Location and so many more.

In short, it's a creative tool to improve your own (or your customers') website SEO. Here's its Advantages



Auto Scrape Free Proxy.

auto scrape

SEO Campaigns customization.

seo campaign

Major Social networks and websites referral are included.

Ability to add your own referral websites.

Control Organic and/or Direct sending for each URL.


Send up to 1Million visit in a single job.

Add up to 1000 URL for each job.

Fetch all site URLs in a single click.

Send visits to many website at the same time.

send traffic

Ability to control quantity for each URL with Referral/SEO or/and Direct sending

Distribute quantities between SEO/Referral and Direct visits with a fixed or random percentage.

Set the visit duration with fixed or random values

random value

Auto Setting priority for devices: Computer, Mobile, Other Devices (Screens, Car, Server, Game Console) and more.

Control visit quality (Wait page to load with timeout setting)

load page

GEO Location, each visit will be sent from a different IP.

Ability to add unlimited IP/Proxy.

Checking proxies before sending with timeout setting:

    Auto deactivate expired proxies

    Ability to export clean ones to a text file.


10,000+ user agents included, which means:

    Control Browser type (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Yandex and 50+ more)

user agents

    Control attribute: Device type & model, Software, Versions, OS and more.

Ability to set a quantity for each user agent.


Detailed report upon sending time.

runtime report

Your license comes with a free lifetime web account. With this account, you can manage or move your license to any computer at any time from your side. Click here to see how it works.

web account

100% friendly, safe and counted with Google Analytics, Webmaster consoles, Matomo or any other software. Read more

real behavior

Using Google & Edge Selenium power security.

Auto detect and change engine driver according to your chrome version

real behavior

What our users say on CodeCanyon

real behavior

It is Fully Safe to send traffic to any website operates an AdSense or any other ads account but without External clicks. Please read this article to learn more.

This software is to improve your website SEO and enhance your pages' rank. Our mission is to save your time, efforts and money, not to help users to earn illegal money 😉
We do not support sending fake clicks to any CPC/CPA website, and we will never improve it to do that.

So what's the use of "Exclude/Include externals" option if you do not encourage external ads clicks?
This option is one of the most powerful features that increases backlinks for either yours or your clients' website because it sends unlimited clicks to any backlink on your website. If you don't know how backlinks affect SERPs and keywords, google it.

Frequently free updates with a single click:
You can update your software directly from within it, you do not need to download a new package and install it.
Just click Update button and you'll see a confirmation message to update if there is a new release available.

Contact support from the software.


All you would like to know is here:

Watch videos, Discover all features and "How to" articles.


  • RAM Minimum 4Gb
  • CPU Minimum Intel core i3 6th gen/AMD A4/Ryzen 3 - clock speed 2.10 GHz
  • Windows 10, 11, Server 2016 and higher
  • Google Chrome installed on your system (any version)
  • MS .Net Backed with the installation package:
    .Net desktop runtime 6

Have you missid this fact for your SEO or web analytics?

As we said, our software is too easy to use even if you're a beginner with Zero Skills & SEO experience in digital marketing, but here's a missed info for some marketers:

To see & analyse the visits on your website you have to install an analytics software on your website like Google Analytics, Matomo, Mixpanel...

Let's talk about Google Analytics:
Setting up Google Analytics properly on your website is very useful for your website, not only for using a traffic software, but also for real human visitors, this fact is for SEO purposes in general.

To set up Google Analytics properly make sure you have analytics tags installed on your site:

Read on Google:
Set up the Analytics global site tag
Check if a web page uses Analytics

Mini tip about: Google Analytics 4 Property (GA4)

If you've already added GA4 property, you can find tracking code in your Google Analytics account, Admin menu:
GA4: admin => property => tracking code.
UA:   admin => property => Setup Assistant => Tag installation.
Read this text file to see how GA4 tag looks like.

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